India was

India was hot. 115+ degrees Fahrenheit.(46+°C)  I remember coming home to 80 degree weather and wanting to put on a long sleeve shirt and the excitement to wear jeans comfortably. But I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the monsoonal rains and random down pours. Then don’t get me started on how beautiful the clouds were. As you know I spend most of my time staring at the clouds and taking pictures of them.
India was crazy. I was scared for my life the first time we got in the car. I thought you all were insane. The driving in Mumbai…. just insanity. Then the no rules…just did not make sense to me. Eventually I got used to all of the honking and I decided that India drivers are much better than american drivers, only in the sense of knowing the dimensions of their car and knowing how to maneuver their way through the streets. And I can say I rode on every kind of transportation in India and I even played Frogger on the busiest of streets in Mumbai.
India was beautiful. I still can not get over all the colors in your culture. The women’s clothing is just stunning. I wish Americans put that much though and effort into their clothing. I have already told you how much I love the clouds, but again they added so much beauty to an already beautiful country side. The views from the train were absolutely breath taking. Even the heart breaking slums, were beautiful and colorful. But the most peaceful place was at the center of the valley of the Ajanta Caves. The valley lined with green; a quiet stream at bottom; purple flowers falling on the hillside; the breeze taking every worry away.
India was dirty. My feet were absolutely disgusting after all the walking we did in Mumbai. I was so grateful for a shower everyday. But I will forever be scared from the train ride between Mumbai and Jalgaon on first class.

India was filling and yummy. I still dream about Gini Dosa and fruit smoothies on the streets of Mumbai. I would go back to India just for these street vendors. I was so happy to try all kinds of foods and go 14 days without meat. And now when I go to Indian restaurants here in the States, nothing lives up to the home cooked meals.

India was amazing. I had so much fun everyday. I loved the Holi celebration, but I still find purple and orange strands in my hair. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. The sangeet was amazing and a wonderful transition for family and friends.
India was family. The hospitality was beyond amazing. I was never hungry and I was treated like family even when they could not talk to me in English we could understand each other by our gesture and they were always welcoming and loving.