Free Hugs

A hug it’s such a sweet simple embrace and It’s probably something that we experience every day.

A hug can simply mean hello or good bye. But it can also mean so much more.

A hug can show our love, loyalty and strength of a bond between two people; whether it is shared between two family members, best friends, or life partners.

At the end of a bad day, a hug can be a reminder that someone is there for you, supports you, and is willing to help in anyway.

A hug can be a shared moment of celebration. One being proud of the other to start a new journey in life or to have accomplished something on life’s journey.

A hug can be a sense of security. One that shows your relationship is much stronger than before and nothing can break that bond. One that says “I’m not going anywhere.”

A hug can can also help decrease depression, anxiety, and boost the immune system. And guess what? It’s free!

A hug definitely is a little thing that is forgotten, but it’s definitely one that should be cherished and enjoyed every day.