Coffee is my best friend.

I don’t think I could survive without coffee.

This week I am at a climate conference. And one thing you need to know about meteorologists and climatologists, we like to drink. It doesn’t help that we are in Denver where there are tons of local breweries. So we stay up late to drink and wake up early to go to research talks. This means coffee is an absolute necessity.

The first sip of coffee is always truly amazing. The way the body almost immediately relaxes. It’s a great way to ease the stress of waking up early. And once that buzz begins so does the productive work.

Only problem is finding the line of how much coffee you should have. Too little and you are too tired to function; too much and you are too jittery to concentrate. I’m constantly in battle with the line.

But no matter what that first sip of a good cup of coffee in the morning can make make my day.


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