Small Talk with TSA agents

I don’t know why but getting sized up by the TSA agent at is my favorite part about going to the airport.

I always wonder what they are thinking when they check my ID. Do they ever think I’m a terrorist or threat? Do they complain about their job when the airport is insane and there are kids crying every where? Are they more worried about the people, planes, or the country; maybe their drama at home.

I challenge myself each time I travel to make them smile with the few sentences we get as we interact. You have to choose words so carefully and really read the agent’s mood. Most of the time they are too busy doing their job and I can barely get them to interact excepts he common where are you going. Either that or I failed my challenge epically.

Somedays however, I catch the agents in good moods and they smile and even keep the conversation going, if it’s slow. I just hope on those days I can make their day just a little better like they do for mine.

Sometimes it’s just one little smile that can change someone’s mood that day.


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