Coffee is my best friend.

I don’t think I could survive without coffee.

This week I am at a climate conference. And one thing you need to know about meteorologists and climatologists, we like to drink. It doesn’t help that we are in Denver where there are tons of local breweries. So we stay up late to drink and wake up early to go to research talks. This means coffee is an absolute necessity.

The first sip of coffee is always truly amazing. The way the body almost immediately relaxes. It’s a great way to ease the stress of waking up early. And once that buzz begins so does the productive work.

Only problem is finding the line of how much coffee you should have. Too little and you are too tired to function; too much and you are too jittery to concentrate. I’m constantly in battle with the line.

But no matter what that first sip of a good cup of coffee in the morning can make make my day.


Small Talk with TSA agents

I don’t know why but getting sized up by the TSA agent at is my favorite part about going to the airport.

I always wonder what they are thinking when they check my ID. Do they ever think I’m a terrorist or threat? Do they complain about their job when the airport is insane and there are kids crying every where? Are they more worried about the people, planes, or the country; maybe their drama at home.

I challenge myself each time I travel to make them smile with the few sentences we get as we interact. You have to choose words so carefully and really read the agent’s mood. Most of the time they are too busy doing their job and I can barely get them to interact excepts he common where are you going. Either that or I failed my challenge epically.

Somedays however, I catch the agents in good moods and they smile and even keep the conversation going, if it’s slow. I just hope on those days I can make their day just a little better like they do for mine.

Sometimes it’s just one little smile that can change someone’s mood that day.

Family Matters

Today I found out that my cousin eloped this last weekend with her fiancé.

She is young and everyone is scared for her, knowing the love is not any easy thing and so much more life ahead of her.

It is so hard for everyone to see others happiness when they have been hurt or are hurting. That is why it is so important to remember that, as hard as it may be, to just be happy for some who is trying to find their own happiness.

I don’t talk to my cousin much anymore but we were really close when we were younger and we are family. My mom asked me to talk to her to let her know that I was happy for her because everyone had been giving her a hard time.

So today I took the time to let her know that she needed to concentrate on her own happiness and to prove all the doubters that she and her new husband have a love that is strong, the kind that can stay true and last forever.

It felt good to talk to her again and let her know that I was there for her. But also to realize that sometimes the simplest text can change someone’s life. It really is the little things that can change someone’s attitude, day, or life.

From now on, I am going to try and concentrate on the little things not only for myself but for the people around me.