Silence challenge

This week WordPress’s Daily Post challenged its writers to Break the Silence. Some ways you could do this were talk about something that you have been holding back or write a story. Here’s how I break my silence:

In a couple weeks, I will be running my first marathon. I have done four half marathons before with motivational music blasting in my ears the entire way. The music helped me concentrate and stay entertained for those two and half hours. But when I signed up for my marathon, I learned that headphones were not allowed on the course. For the last 18 weeks, I have been training without headphones and trapped with only the thoughts in my head. The only other noise was the noise from cars passing by me. 

I noticed the silence was much easier to bear than I thought it would be, especially when I had to plan the rest of my week, how I was going to get through my next midterm, figure out if I had time to see my friends among my three jobs and classes, etc. But when I was on winter break and my schedule was easier to manage, I started to go a little crazy among the silence. I learned that I am a horrible song writer and how annoying my own thoughts could be.

But now with school back in session, I look forward to my runs just for the silence. I cherish the time I can just be silent for a couple hours and clear my mind of everything going on. Block out the world and just relax. Of course at the end of my run, its back to reality. But life seems so much easier when you have had a chance to experience pure silence.